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so this is the game i'm working for quite some times, for school project purposes. come and try out :)


KLDW opening countdown

KLDW opening countdown from roland tey on Vimeo.

So here it is :)
The very first project of MotionGraphicDesign subject.


KLDW countdown coming soon

This font is created for a motion countdown purpose, which will post it up real soon, stay tune :)


it's been awhile that I haven't update my blog, I'm officially in holiday now :) And I found out that I haven't post about this, which my artworks are being showcase in TOA official website :)
Feel glad and thankful to the lecturers who help out a lot. Thank you once again! :D

Flash Animation: Little Sender.

Moving Type: Weather Forecast.



Web Design 2 | The Loaf

so this is the final outcome of what I've redesigned for the whole The Loaf website. Still, it is not a fully redesign job, some parts of the pages are mock up due to the deadline, so don't mind it pls :P
I've changed a lot of the design in the website compare to the first version which I've done due the some issues, so it is not exactly of what you've seen in my previous posts for the web design, not even close to my moodboard(LOL), but it is worth to try new thing if you found there is something not right, right?

p/s: best view with FireFox or GoogleChrome.
comments and feed backs are needed, thanks a lot :)